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Our environment and how we change our physical or social our environment affect public health and are increasingly becoming important considerations. For example, air, water, and soil pollution, farming practices, unsustainable lifestyle, food production and consumption, changes in climate, poor housing, and abusive or high-risk social environments affect our health and well-being. That environment is a major concern in health and health care is reflected in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Health and Disability Strategy.

A broad range of career opportunities exist for graduates of health sciences in environmental and health disciplines. An increasing number of positions and opportunities are available with the industries, local and central governments, community agencies and organisations, non-governmental organisations, international organisations such as The World Health Organisation, intergovernmental organisations such as IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change), NGOs, and many others.

The Environment and Health endorsement of the Postgraduate Diploma of Health Sciences, the Master of Health Sciences, and the Master of Health Sciences Professional Practice will prepare students in environmental health so that they can be employable and/or provide leadership in Environmental Health within Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally. 

This major begins in either February (Semester 1) or July (Semester 2).

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