Doctoral Reporting Milestones

Progress reports

Following completion of the Doctoral Confirmation Process, you must submit progress reports every six months. Reminders are sent before your report is due, and failure to complete progress reports may lead to termination of your enrolment.

Once you have completed the Doctoral progress report form, pass the form to your supervisor for their sign off.

This documentation is then forwarded to the Postgraduate Office, who refer this to the Postraduate Dean who then evaluates your progress and makes the decision to either:

  • Approve your continued enrolment
  • Approve your continued enrolment under certain conditions (e.g., meeting certain milestones by certain dates)
  • Discontinue your candidature

You will receive notification of the Dean’s decision and if the decision  is to continue enrolment under certain conditions or to discontinue your enrolment this will be discussed with you and your supervisors.

Reporting milestones

The relevant reporting milestones are detailed below. Click on the name of the form to download it. Please complete your section of the form and pass on to your supervisor. The forms should be completed and submitted as an email attachment to the Postgraduate Office.


Time since enrolmentAll students except MECH Students in MECH

6 months

Doctoral supervisory agreement form

Doctoral supervisory agreement form

12 months

‌Doctoral Confirmation Report (written report for Dept + oral presenation)

Doctoral progress report form

18 months

Doctoral progress report form

 Doctoral Confirmation Report (written report for Dept + oral presentation)‌

Every subsequent 6 months

Doctoral progress report form

Doctoral progress report form