Guidelines for examiners

The underlying principle in guiding the selection of examiners is to ensure that independent experts should examine the thesis in a fair and transparent manner.

For both PhD and master’s theses, we appoint two examiners to provide independent written reports on the thesis. For the PhD thesis, we designate one of the examiners as the oral examiner and they will be present at the student’s oral (viva-voce) examination. The oral examination will normally be conducted by video-link unless a face-to-face oral exam is approved by the Dean. For a PhD thesis, both examiners must be external to UC with one examiner (the oral examiner) usually from New Zealand or Australia. For a master's thesis, one examiner must be external to UC with the other examiners usually being members of the UC academic staff who are independent of the student’s supervisory team.

For further guidelines for the appointment of examiners, see Selection of Thesis Examiners (DOC, 19KB)