Including publications in a thesis

The University of Canterbury encourages thesis students to publish their research. The inclusion of already-published work and/or work submitted for publication within a PhD thesis is encouraged where appropriate.

The University of Canterbury does not offer a thesis by publication. The inclusion of publications within a thesis is however permitted, and, where appropriate, is encouraged.

Students are strongly advised to work closely with their supervisors to discuss any inclusion of publications within their thesis and the appropriate format in which to do so.

Practices do differ across academic disciplines and it is important, therefore, to receive advice from experts within the relevant discipline.

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This form is to accompany the submission of any thesis that contains research reported in co-authored work that has been published, accepted for publication, or submitted for publication. Include a copy of this form for each co-authored work that is included in the thesis. Include completed forms at the front (after the thesis abstract) of each copy of the thesis you submit for examination and library deposit (including electronic copy).

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