Doctoral Supervision

Doctoral supervision is an important role so below we have provided some useful information and links to help make the best of the supervisor-student relationship. 

Supervisors and student


New Supervisor Training Course

All Doctoral Senior Supervisors at UC are required to attend a series of Supervisor Workshops before taking on the role. These workshops are run by the Dean of Postgraduate Research a few times a year and consist of three different sessions that must all be attended. Information on these workshops and how to register can be found on the HR Learning and Development website.

Supervisor-Student Role Expectations

It is important to understand the expectations of the supervisor-student relationship. The following link takes you to a worksheet for you and your student to complete to ensure you both share an understanding of the expectations and limits of this relationship - Understanding Expectations of Student Supervisor Relationship - Worksheet

Submission Checklist

The following checklist is to be used when your student is ready to submit their thesis to ensure all necessary steps are taken - Supervisor Checklist for Thesis Submission


Further useful information and forms can be found at the following links: 

Information Sheets for Supervisors
Forms for Supervisors