Transfer from Master's to PhD 

You can apply to transfer after at least six-months’ full-time-equivalent work (0.5 EFTS) on your master’s thesis.  Such an application does not obviate the regulations for entry into a PhD; in particular, if you have not already met the research experience criteria by other means, you must show substantial evidence of high-quality progress in your Master’s research (see below).

Your HOD/HOS and supervisors must support your transfer so you need to discuss it with them before applying. 

You need to submit:

Email the letter, application and supporting documents to The Postgraduate Office.

Please note that if you have a UC Master's Scholarship, it does not transfer into a UC Doctoral Scholarship; you must make that application separately.

The Dean of Postgraduate Research may require additional objective evidence of high-quality progress in you research.  Typically, this might include: peer-reviewed creative, scholarly or research outputs; the equivalent of an independently assessed Honours project report or dissertation; and formal and independently ratified confirmation from the department, school or programme of the quality of research progress and suitability of preparation for doctoral enrolment. 

If the Dean approves you application, your PhD enrolment will usually be backdated to the start of your master’s thesis enrolment.  For a full-time student that means that you would have four years to complete your work after the date you started your master’s thesis, not four years from the time of transfer.