UC Foundation Doctoral Publication Scholarship

updated 1st August 2020

Applications for 2020 are now open.  Please fill in the application form below after you have read the important information below.

Who is eligible for funding?

University of Canterbury students (except those in the College of Engineering) who are:

  • Currently enrolled in Doctoral studies at UC;
  • The principal author of a SCOPUS indexed manuscript published after 2018, but during their period of enrolment as a Doctoral student (in most cases this will be the first author however, it is acknowledge that publishing practices differ by journal. In instances where the Doctoral student is not the first author, applications must also be accompanied by an email from the Senior Supervisor confirming: (1) the practices of the Journal and (2) that the student has made contributions of a principal author);
  • Yet to complete their Doctoral oral examination.


What types of publications are eligible?

Publications cited in SCOPUS are eligible, provided the institutional address of the student is listed as the University of Canterbury. If you are unsure whether your publication is eligible, please enquire at: deanpgresearch@canterbury.ac.nz.


When can I apply?

Applications can be made at any time. A decision will be made within one month of receipt of the application.


Please submit a separate application if you are applying for more than one scholarship.