COVID Extensions for Thesis Students 

There are a number of COVID related extensions available to thesis students due to the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns.

2020 Lockdown

All students who commenced their study in a 90pt or greater Master's thesis or Doctoral thesis before April 2020 may receive an automatic one month extension to their thesis submission deadline or final enrolment period, if required. This extension will be automatically processed at thesis submisison if you have gone beyond your thesis submission deadline or enrolment. This extra month acts as a grace period for submission and will allow you to complete your work despite the COVID disruptions. There are no fee reimbursements provided for the 2020 lockdown. 


2021 Lockdown

There are two different extensions available in relation to the 2021 lockdown.

Students submitting in August or September 2021

All thesis students (as defined above) who were due to submit their thesis in August or September 2021, and have not enrolled beyond those dates, will be granted a two week grace period for submission. You will not be enrolled for this grace period and do not have to pay fees. This means:

  • Students planning to submit their thesis by 31st August 2021 will be granted a grace period for submission until the 14th
  • Students planning to submit their thesis by 31st September 2021 will be granted a grace period for submission until the 14th

This extension will be automatically processed at thesis submission if you submit by the dates provided above. If thesis submission does not occur by the relevant dates, students will need to apply for an official extension, and pay fees for that month. 

One month extension - applications have now closed

The Dean recently announced a process to request an extension of one month to your studies, as a result of the recent COVID level 4 and 3 lockdown. 

An online portal was created for these extension requests, and applications closed on the 29th October. An expert panel met to review all requests and applicants will be notified of this soon (if they haven't already) as to whether or not their application has been approved. 

This extension request was for Doctoral and research Master's students whose research progress was significantly affected by the recent 2021 COVID19 Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3 lockdown. We define a research Master’s student as someone who is enrolled in a thesis of 90 points of more.

A maximum enrolment extension of 1 month will be provided to approved applicants. 

  • Non-Scholarship Holders: Approved applicants will receive a one-month fee refund which will be credited back to their fees in the UC student finance system.

  • Centrally-Funded Scholarship Holders: Approved scholarship holder applicants (i.e., those who hold a centrally funded scholarship such as a UC Doctoral Scholarship or Aho Hīnātore | Accelerator scholarship) will receive an additional month's fees and stipend payment at the end of their scholarship tenure. Students on a College/department or external scholarship should speak to their senior supervisor regarding any potential scholarship extensions.

Eligible Doctoral students were those who were enrolled (i.e., not suspended) during the recent lockdown and were in their third or fourth year of study (i.e., between 240 and 480 points of enrolment). Eligible research Master’s students were those who were enrolled in their thesis (of 90 points or more) at the time of the lockdown, and were in their final year of study.

To be approved for this extension, students needed to meet specific criteria, including providing evidence that their research was affected and could not continue whilst in lockdown. They needed to demonstrate that their research progress was significantly affected by 2021 COVID19 Alert Level 4 and Alert Level 3 lockdown. For example:  

  • experiments, processes, reactions were lost and must be restarted, causing significant delay to your studies;
  • unable to have physical access to collections, field sites, or participants (and alternatives, such as distance data collection was not possible),
  • you are a primary caregiver and normal care arrangements were not available during lockdown. 

If you have any questions please email and we will endeavour to answer your questions as quickly as possible.