The University of Canterbury 3MT Competition.

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3MT (formally known as "Thesis in Three") will be running again in 2021.  

This is an entertaining event where students are given the opportunity to present their research in no more than 3 minutes with one static PowerPoint slide.  While competitors would normally present in person, due to Covid-19, candidates will be asked to submit pre-recorded presentations.  To ensure candidates meet the requirements of the national and international competitions, the rules and guidelines are the same as those from the University of Queensland (founder of 3MT).

The top Master’s candidate will represent UC at the New Zealand nationals at a virtual event on the 31st of August (hosted by Waikato University). 

The top PhD candidate will represent UC at the Asia-Pacific finals (hosted by the University of Queensland)


Virtual 3MT UC Resources

Subject Librarians (Kiera Tauro and Fiona Tyson) have recorded video tutorials explaining how to film and edit according to the 3MT Guidelines. These are available on the PG Student Learn page under (3MT 2020). They will also available for one-on-one assistance should 3MT coordinators or students require assistance. Please either email or book an appointment via the Subject Librarian webpage.


Eligibility Criteria:

Masters Research Students.

Ph.D. candidates who have successfully passed their confirmation milestone (including candidates whose thesis is under submission) by the date of their first virtual presentation are eligible to participate in 3MT competitions at all levels, including the Asia-Pacific 3MT competition.

Key dates:

Students should contact their College 3MT coordinator regarding the College competition rounds.

Deadline for submitting pre-recordings for the UC final – 3rd August

Competition dates:

UC Final 10th August (5.30pm. To register please find the information here).

NZ final 31st August (6-7pm - Host: Waikato University. This event will be pre-recorded and run virtually via

Asia-pacific final 20th October.  For more information go here



Judging criteria

Virtual Competition Rules

Virtual 3MT handbook (UQ)