Margaret Maclagan

Margaret Maclagan

Adjunct Professor
Psychology 301
Internal Phone: 95316

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Major research interest is the study of New Zealand English (NZE). Including:
- Historical analysis within the Origins of New Zealand English Project (ONZE) with colleagues in the Department of Linguistics
- Acoustic analysis of the vowel system of modern NZE
- On-going changes within the NZE sound system
- The relevance of sound change for speech-language therapists.

Other research areas:
- The relationship between English and Maori in the pronunciation of Maori speakers
- Sound change over time in Maori; Analysis of Maori English
- Analysis of change in the speech of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Recent Publications

  • Davis BH. and Maclagan MA. (2020) UH as a pragmatic marker in dementia discourse. Journal of Pragmatics 156: 83-99.
  • Maclagan M. and Buckley A. (2019) Talking Baby. University of Canterbury Press.
  • Maclagan M. and Davis B. (2019) Mode Shifts in Conversations with People with Dementia can Cause Confusion. Gerontology & Geriatrics studies 4(5) GGS.000600.2019: 471-472.
  • Davis B. and Maclagan M. (2018) Represented Speech in Dementia Discourse. Journal of Pragmatics 130: 15.
  • Davis B. and Maclagan M. (2018) Signposts, guideposts, and stalls: Pragmatic and discourse markers in dementia discourse.. In Stickle T (Ed.), Learning from the talk of persons with dementia: A practical guide to interaction and interactional researchPalgrave.