John Dalymple-Alford

ProfessorJohn Dalrymple-Alford

Psychology 204
Internal Phone: 92077


Research Interests

Research interests include neuropsychology, including disorders of memory, neurodegenerative disorders, recovery of function after brain damage; behavioural neuroscience, including animal models of the effects of brain damage in humans, neural transplants, hippocampal system function, enriched environments; and behavioural pharmacology, including effects of drugs and nutritional factors in humans and animals.

Recent Publications

  • Graham OEE., Pitcher TL., Liau Y., Miller AL., Dalrymple-Alford JC., Anderson TJ. and Kennedy MA. (2020) Nanopore sequencing of the glucocerebrosidase (GBA) gene in a New Zealand Parkinson's disease cohort. Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 70: 36-41.
  • Grasby KL., Jahanshad N., Painter JN., Colodro-Conde L., Bralten J., Hibar DP., Lind PA., Pizzagalli F., Ching CRK. and McMahon MAB. (2020) The genetic architecture of the human cerebral cortex. Science 367(6484)
  • Krishnamurthi RV., Barker-Collo S., Barber PA., Tippett LJ., Dalrymple-Alford JC., Tunnage B., Mahon S., Parmar PG., Moylan M. and Feigin VL. (2020) Community Knowledge and Awareness of Stroke in New Zealand. Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases 29(3)
  • Spencer ES., Pitcher T., Veron G., Hannam T., Macaskill M., Anderson T., Dalrymple-Alford J. and Carr AC. (2020) Positive association of ascorbate and inverse association of urate with cognitive function in people with Parkinson’s disease. Antioxidants 9(10): 1-13.
  • Vallerga CL., Zhang F., Fowdar J., McRae AF., Qi T., Nabais MF., Zhang Q., Kassam I., Henders AK. and Wallace L. (2020) Analysis of DNA methylation associates the cystine–glutamate antiporter SLC7A11 with risk of Parkinson’s disease. Nature Communications 11(1)