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Post-Doctoral FellowJames Brand

Locke 218

Research Interests

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My core research interests span the fields of linguistics, cognitive science and psychology, with a particular focus on the way language is used, learnt and evolves. I adopt a highly multidisciplinary approach, utilising corpus and experimental methodologies in order to produce robust and comprehensive empirical evidence for my research questions. Previously, I have worked on projects that have investigated the cognitive factors underlying language acquisition and evolution, in addition to work on the categorical structure of the human conceptual system.

At the NZILBB, I will be investigating the covariation of linguistic variables within the ONZE corpora, on a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Funded project with Kevin Watson, Jen Hay and Lynn Clark.

Recent Publications

  • Lynott D., Connell L., Brysbaert M., Brand J. and Carney J. (2020) The Lancaster Sensorimotor Norms: multidimensional measures of perceptual and action strength for 40,000 English words. Behavior Research Methods 52(3): 1271-1291.
  • Brand J., Monaghan P. and Walker P. (2018) The Changing Role of Sound-Symbolism for Small Versus Large Vocabularies. Cognitive Science 42: 578-590.
  • Brand JL., Monaghan P. and Walker P. (2018) Changing signs: Testing how sound-symbolism supports early word learning. Madison, WI, USA: 40th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci 2018), 25-28 Jul 2018. In Proceedings - CogSci 2018: 1398-1403.
  • Monaghan P., Brand JL., Frost R. and Taylor G. (2017) Multiple variable cues in the environment promote accurate and robust word learning. Cognitive Science Society.