Te Kāhui Kaihautū | Māori Reference Group

Te Kāhui Kaihautū is the Māori steering committee. Its role is to support and guide the Institute in its research relationship with the Māori community.

Te Kāhui Kaihautū will:

  • Advise on the research projects associated with the bilingualism theme of the Institute.
  • Assist research teams from the other three themes (acquisition, ageing and variation and change) in developing Māori focused research.
  • Advise on protocols and processes for conducting research projects.
  • Advise on appropriate terms for the long-term relationship with the Te Kura Whakapūmau and the community and assist the Institute in developing community-led research questions.

Te Kāhui Kaihautū comprises:

  • Convenor - Angus Macfarlane, Professor of Māori Research, University of Canterbury
  • Merita Waitoa-Paki, Te Kura Whakapūmau i te reo Tūturu ki Waitaha
  • Alamein Connell, Community representative
  • Christine Brown, Local representative from National Association of Resources Teachers and Advisors of Māori
  • Hector Matthews, representative from the Health Sector