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Nau mai, haere mai. The Ngāi Tahu Centre hosts a series of seminars. 

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Title: Incorporating Indigenous Values into Teacher Professional Learning and Development for Culturally Responsive Classroom Management
Porsha London
Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Read more: Porsha London Presentation

Title: Short Seminar Series from Academic Leaders hailing from Yunnan University, China.
Prof. Zhang Liang, Prof. Xiao-Bin Li, Prof. Qin Yanjia, Prof. Zhang Haichao,
Dr. Jianfeng Zhang
Date: Thursday 23rd November 2017
Read more: Yunnan Group Poster

Title: Ecological and sociocultural indicators of estuarine shellfisheries in Hawai`i and Aotearoa NZ'
Ani Murchie
Date: Friday 8th December 2017
Read more: Ani Murchie Poster

Title: ‘Improving volcanic ballistic hazard and risk assessments'
Presenter: Rebecca Fitzgerald
Date: Wednesday 27th September 2017
Read more: Rebecca Fitzgerald Presentation

‘I depend more on photographs to help me along’: The Ngāi Tahu portraits in Lore and History of the South Island Maori
Presenter: Helen Brown
Date: Monday 31 July 2017
Read more: Helen Brown Presentation 

Protecting native forest birds in New Zealand beech forests
Presenter: Kelly Whitau
Date: Friday 16 June 2017
Read more: Kelly Whitau Presentation 

The Canterbury Roll Digitisation Project: Fostering Historical Engagement in Aotearoa
Presenter: Zhivannah Cole
Date: Thursday 18 May 2017
Read more: Zhivannah Cole Presentation

Poor Water Quality in First Nation Communities in Canada: Is Source Water Protection Planning a Solution?
Presenter: Chris D. Metcalfe, Visiting Erskine Fellow, Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Canada
Date: Tuesday 6 April 2017
Read more: Chris Metcalfe Presentation

Indigenising the concept and process of accountability
Presenter: Matthew Scobie (Kāi Tahu)
Date: Tuesday 21 March 2017
Read more: Matthew Scobie Presentation

Pink Pine (Halocarpus biformis): A Commercial Opportunity for Ngāi Tahu 
Presenter: Shannon Goldsmith (Ngāi Tahu)
Date: Tuesday 21 February 2017
Read more: Shannon Goldsmith Presentation

Indigenous health in Sápmi: past, present and future
Presenter: Per Axelsson
Date: Thursday 17 November 2016.
Read more: Per Axelsson Poster

Formidable Phormidium: Toxic algae in Canterbury Rivers
Presenter: Tara McAllister
Date: Thursday 13 October 2016.
Read more: Tara McAllister Presentation

Distribution, trapping efficiencies and feeding trials for Kekewai, the native freshwater crayfish (Paranephrops zealandicus) in central Canterbury
Presenter: Channell Thoms
Date: Thursday 29 September 2016
Read more: Channell Thoms Presentation

Maori-Crown and China-ethnic minority policies: an early exploration
Presenter: Dr Martin Fisher
Date: Friday 26 August 2016
Read more: ‌Martin Fisher Presentation

The Future of Skills Development and Virtual Reality Training Systems
Presenter: Rory Clifford
Date: Thursday 28 July 2016 
Read more: Rory Clifford Presentation

Recovery of īnanga spawning sites following the Canterbury earthquakes
Presenter: Shane Orchard
Date: Wednesday 29 June 2016
Read more:
 Shane Orchard Presentation

Does size matter?  Distribution and body size patterns of mayflies across New Zealand temperature gradients
Presenter: Stephen Pohe
Date: Monday 23 May 2016
Read more: Steven Pohe Presentation

Adolescent Māori Mental Health: Emerging Risk Factors
Presenter: Mihiroa Gillies
Date: Wednesday 27 April 2016
Read more: Mihi Gillies Presentation

Understanding the politics of recovery in post-earthquake Christchurch: discursive strategies and praxis
Presenter: Steven Kensinger
Date: Tuesday 22 March 2016
Read more: Steven Kensinger Presentation

Kai hiku, kai ūpoko Tribal Economic Wānanga 15-27 February 2016
This wānanga was a series of seminars and discussions with a number of international keynote speakers from Alaskan and Canadian First Nations who have actively developed economies and business on their reserves.

Understanding grain deviations in wood
Presenter: Stephanie McRae (Ngāi Tahu)
Date: Wednesday 25 November 2015
Read more: Stephanie McRae Presentation

Accountability for risk in the deep sea petroleum exploration arena: a critical discourse analysis
Presenter: Matthew Scobie (Ngāi Tahu)
Date: Tuesday 15 September 2015
Read more: Matt Scobie Presentation

Te Pūtairiki Seminar Series 2015: Judge Annis Somerville (NTRC Sponsored seminar)
Theme: Māori Legal Issues in the 21st CenturyTopic: Tikanga in the Family Court
Presenter: Judge Annis Somerville (Ngāi Tahu), Judge of the Tauranga Family Court
Date: Thursday 6th August 2015

The social, cultural, and ecological values of shellfisheries in Canterbury
Presenter: Ani Kainamu (Ngāpuhi/Te Tai Tokerau/Tamaki Makau Rau), Doctoral Candidate
Date: Tuesday 28 July 2015
Read more: Ani Kainamu Presentation

The State of Play for Aboriginal Communities: Forced Closures, De-funding and Other Struggles
Presenter: Professor Bob Morgan (Gumilaroi) from Walgett, Western NSW, Australia
Date: Wednesday 24 June 2015

Methane formation at the Dun Mountain Ophiolite, Nelson Lakes, New Zealand
Presenter: Joanna Pawson (Ngāti Kahungunu)MSc
 Thursday 4 June 2015
Read more: Joanna Pawson Seminar

Effects of Isolation on Pollinators
Presenter: Christie Webber (Te Rarawa), MSc Candidate
 Tuesday 2 December 2014
Read more: Christie Webber Presentation

'Indigenising the Corporation' - Indigenous Organisation Design: The Dynamics of Three Contemporary Indigenous Organisations
Presenter: Eruera Prendergast-Tarena (Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Porou, Te Whānui-ā-Āpanui)Doctoral Candidate
 Tuesday 14 October 2014
Read more: Eruera Tarena Presentation

The changing face of co-governance in New Zealand: A study of the arrangements between the Crown and Ngāi Tahu, and the Crown and Tūhoe in facilitating a Treaty-based future
Presenter: Rachael Harris (Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Pamoana), LLM Candidate
 Tuesday 19 August 2014
Read more: Rachael Harris Presentation

Wao Mala: The Gardening Zones of the Kona Field System
Dr Noa LincolnNTRC Research Fellow
 Wednesday 30 July 2014
Read more: Noa Lincoln Poster