Matthew Rout

Research Fellow Dr Matthew Rout

Research Interests

Matt works on indigenous socio-economic development and environmental sustainability initiatives and projects with a focus on applied outcomes through theoretical synthesis. He has a particular interest in how philosophical insights from ontology and epistemology can be used in practical ways to aid indigenous development.

  • Indigenous and modernist ontology and epistemology
  • Institutional economics
  • Postcolonial psychology
  • Settler colonisation
  • Sustainable development


Recent Publications

Reid, J., & Rout, M. (2018). Can sustainability auditing be indigenized? Agriculture and Human Values, 35(2), 283–294.

Rout, M., Reid, J., Aika, B., Davis, R., & Tau, T. (2017). Muttonbirding: Loss of executive authority and its impact on entrepreneurship. Journal of Management & Organization, 23(6), 857–872.

Reid, J., Rout, M., Tau, T., & Smith, C. (2017). The colonising environment: An aetiology of the trauma of settler colonisation and land alienation on Ngāi Tahu whānau. Christchurch: Ngāi Tahu Research Centre

Reid, J., and M. Rout. (2016). Getting to know your food: The insights of indigenous thinking in food provenance. Agriculture and Human Values, 33(2): 427–438.

Reid, J., & Rout, M. (2016). Māori tribal economy: Rethinking the original economic institutions. In T. L. Anderson. (Ed.), Unlocking the wealth of Indian Nations (pp. 83–104). Maryland: Lexington Books.