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New York professors teach geology, tectonics at UC

29 January 2016

Syracuse University Earth sciences professors Suzanne Baldwin and Paul Fitzgerald will be teaching and researching in Christchurch for the next three months.

World spotlight on UC ADHD micronutrient research

28 January 2016

UC psychology graduate Dr Heather Gordon's new research documents the findings of a study which treated 14 Canterbury children with ADHD with micronutrients.

UC students cycle New Zealand for charity

27 January 2016

Taking the longest bike ride of their lives, a dozen University of Canterbury students will cycle the length of the country to raise awareness and funds for kiwi kids in need.

PhD Fulbright scholar studies nanotechnology

22 January 2016

UC PhD candidate and Fulbright scholar Alexandra McNeill is excited about conducting research alongside world-leading nanotechnology experts in the United States this year.

Fulbright Scholar to study California earthquakes

21 January 2016

A unique coding scheme which examines what people really do in an earthquake is taking a UC scholar all the way to California.

UC students engineer fast-track motorsport careers

20 January 2016

UC students are taking the fast-track to top-level motorsport careers, with graduates being chosen to design, test and build what could be the world's fastest track car.

Million-dollar prize for black hole breakthrough

15 January 2016

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award The Crafoord Prize in Astronomy 2016 to Professor Roy Kerr.

Students take on internships in Thailand

11 January 2016

Fourteen UC students will gain real world workplace experience in a very different culture to those within New Zealand.

12 tips to help your child love summer learning

05 January 2016

Studies have shown that children can drop a learning level if left to their own devices over the long summer break, with not enough mental or physical stimulation.

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