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Synaesthetes taste sound, hear colour

22 June 2016

A UC study suggests that synaesthesia does not make you more or less creative, however, a teacher's understanding of synaesthesia could enhance how they teach the arts.

Can we rehabilitate our problem waterways?

22 June 2016

Finding solutions to problems in Canterbury's waterways isn't an isolated challenge. Freshwater health is failing across New Zealand and the world, says Prof Angus McIntosh.

Bushrangers' multiple murders brought to light

21 June 2016

A book about one of the South Island's most shocking multiple murders has been published by Canterbury University Press to mark the 150th anniversary of the crimes.

UC research on effects of the quakes on whitebait

17 June 2016

The recovery of īnanga (whitebait) spawning sites following the Canterbury earthquakes will be discussed in a seminar by doctoral researcher Shane Orchard

UC alumni named in Queen's Honours

16 June 2016

Several University of Canterbury alumni and Friends of the University have been recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours List, announced on 6 June.

GRI to meet geospatial data skills shortage

15 June 2016

UC's new Geospatial Research Institute will deliver world-class geospatial science projects and meet the demand for collaborative research with industry and government.

UC physicist uses huge IceCube to catch neutrinos

15 June 2016

UC Associate Professor of Physics Jenni Adams is part of a large-scale scientific mission to understand an intriguing elementary particle, the neutrino.

UC grows China business connections

14 June 2016

Chinese business and culture is increasingly accessible to UC students through an annual study tour to China, reciprocal exchange visits, and other on-campus initiatives.

World-first research: Can we fix the cough reflex?

14 June 2016

Ground-breaking research at the University of Canterbury has been granted $150,000 to explore whether it's possible to rehabilitate the human cough reflex.

Engineering better medical sensor technology

09 June 2016

Bioengineers at the University of Canterbury are working with St George's Hospital and the Canterbury District Health Board to speed up sepsis detection in the ICU.

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