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Concerns about living close to the motorway

26 January 2015

Many South Auckland residents have expressed concern regarding the long-term health implications of living close to New Zealand's busiest motorway.

Mental health issues facing Chinese

23 January 2015

Chinese people with mental health problems do not seek help from mental health services because of shame and stigma and the fear of losing face.

Caution needed in the holiday road toll debate

22 January 2015

A University of Canterbury expert has appealed for caution in finding answers to the jump in the holiday road toll.

Canterbury acquires specialist testing facility

20 January 2015

The University of Canterbury has acquired specialist state of the art power supply equipment for its power electronics research capability.

Research helping to improve technology in cycling

19 January 2015

A University of Canterbury postgraduate student's cutting-edge sports technology research, working with elite athletes, can be applied to many other sports as well as cycling.

Under-20 rugby member still focusing on studies

19 January 2015

Sam Godwin, a scholarship winner and member of the New Zealand under-20 rugby squad preparing the 2015 Junior World championships in Italy later this year.

Physics graduate launches LED retrofitting

19 January 2015

A University of Canterbury physics graduate has set up a successful company, National Lighting, specialising in retrofitting LED lights for industrial buildings.

Greater understanding of women needed

16 January 2015

A University of Canterbury sociology graduate researcher has identified a need for a greater understanding of the ways unintended childlessness impacts on women's lives.

Thousands applying to enrol at Canterbury

15 January 2015

A four-time world land speed record-holder, who has applied to study at the University of Canterbury this year, will give a public talk on campus on February 3.

Computer information getting closer

15 January 2015

In the next five years people will be able to search for information using their glasses, a wrist watch, or even a computer built into the clothes they wear.

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