News archive 2015

UC re-elects Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor

30 November 2015

The University of Canterbury Council has re-elected its Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor.

UC appoints new Distinguished Professor

26 November 2015

UC has elevated one of New Zealand's top science communicators and pre-eminent marine scientists to the rank of Distinguished Professor.

UC Motorsport students take race car to Melbourne

25 November 2015

Inspired by racing legend John Britten, UC Motorsport students hope they have the world-beating formula as they head to Melbourne to race a car they built from scratch.

UC Professor wins Science Communicator award

20 November 2015

UC Professor of Marine Science David Schiel has been awarded the New Zealand Science Communicator of the Year award by the New Zealand Association of Scientists.

UC academic publishes new history of Tonga

20 November 2015

Tonga's most comprehensive history now includes chapters covering the last decade's shaky transition towards democracy, bringing the island kingdom's story up to date.

Former MP examines 'The Politics of Education'

17 November 2015

A new University of Canterbury summer-school paper, taught by a former New Zealand politician, will examine 'The Politics of Education'.

UC scientists predict road landslide quake risk

12 November 2015

UC scientists have developed a technique to predict the risk of landslides in an earthquake.

How can philanthropy contribute to conservation?

11 November 2015

The Government does not have the means to halt New Zealand's biodiversity decline and we need to find other ways to preserve our natural heritage, UC ecology professor says.

UC renews Mt John partnership with Earth & Sky

10 November 2015

UC has signed a renewed lease which continues its long-standing partnership with Earth & Sky Ltd in astronomy at the University of Canterbury Mt John Observatory in Tekapo.

UC research could offer NZ potato growers an edge

09 November 2015

New Zealand potato growers could gain a new marketing edge thanks to a line of potatoes developed by University of Canterbury researchers.

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