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26 February 2015

The University of Canterbury is not out of the woods yet despite some encouraging financial progress and it remains on track for a return to surplus by 2019.

Earthquakes demonstrate people caught by surprise

26 February 2015

The Christchurch earthquakes demonstrate that people generally do not take any notice of the likely occurrence of rare events, says a UC natural hazards researcher.

Research investigating adolescent girls' sport

25 February 2015

A University of Canterbury doctoral sports student is investigating what factors make sport enjoyable enough for adolescent girls to keep them involved in sporting activity.

Canterbury research on children with ADHD

24 February 2015

A UC international education PhD student's survey of Ethiopian children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder will soon be helpful to New Zealand teachers.

Sports scholarships for talented young achievers

23 February 2015

Talented young national rugby players, basketball players, a hockey player, a netballer and an archer are among the UC students to receive 2015 sports scholarships.

UC establishes Community Engagement Hub

23 February 2015

UC has established a Community Engagement Hub so it can build on its vision of preparing people to make a difference by engaging staff and students with the community.

UC researchers surveying people in palliative care

20 February 2015

UC's School of Health Sciences is appealing for people to take part in interviews to help understand the context of end-of-life and palliative care in the community.

UC archive most detailed earthquake collection

20 February 2015

As 22 February approaches, UC Professor Paul Millar believes it's never been more important to focus on preserving the record of what the Canterbury region has been through.

Exciting start to 2015 for UC

19 February 2015

The University of Canterbury has received one of the highest rankings for internationalism in Australasia from the United Kingdom rankings organisation Times Higher Education.

Animal welfare still an issue after quakes

18 February 2015

The repercussions of the quakes that struck Canterbury four years ago could still be having a detrimental effect on the city's animals, says Associate Professor Annie Potts.

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