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Canterbury graduate a New Zealand Hi-Tech finalist

01 April 2015

A UC graduate whose company is providing custom designed 3D-printed implants to help patients with severely damaged bone and joints has been named a NZ Hi-Tech Award finalist.

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01 April 2015

Four University of Canterbury athletes are off to the Gallipoli Games later this month to mark the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign.

New Zealand can hold its head high

31 March 2015

New Zealand can hold its head high in the cricketing world, University of Canterbury sports coaching professor Richard Light says.

Celebrating 50 years of astronomy

30 March 2015

A celebration of half a century of optical astronomy at New Zealand's premier astronomical research facility is the focus of a new book published by CUP.

21 Day International Challenge to change the world

30 March 2015

A new UC initiative will see UC students work with New Zealand business leaders to change the lives of struggling communities in Nepal, Morocco and Brazil.

Renowned roboticist to give public talk at UC

30 March 2015

A renowned roboticist who says robots in war could save soldiers' lives and ultimately reduce civilian casualties will give a public lecture on killer robots at the UC.

UC scientist helping critically endangered kakī

27 March 2015

A University of Canterbury scientist is investigating ways to ensure the survival and recovery of critically endangered kakī (black stilt) in the wild.

UC students aiding people in the eastern suburbs

26 March 2015

More than 100 first year University of Canterbury geography students have been out on the streets in the eastern suburb of Burwood in Christchurch helping the local community.

New collection from prize-winning poet

26 March 2015

Christchurch poet Frankie McMillan has released her latest collection of poetry with Canterbury University Press.

World authority on digital humanitarian issues

25 March 2015

A world authority on digital humanitarian issues says lifeline organisations get overwhelmed by the overflow of information generated during and after disasters.

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