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Shape-shifting molecules

10 November 2014

A UC research project is investigating the impact of large molecular cages trapping small molecules within them to help improve drug delivery methods and medical diagnoses.

Role of post-earthquake social services studied

07 November 2014

A newly released book by a UC academic examines the experiences of workers and managers from a broad array of human service organisations in post-earthquake Christchurch.

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07 November 2014

A UC postgraduate student will present his project findings to industry in Christchurch later this month following his research into the potential benefits of Project Loon.

UC researcher receives $345,000 for research

06 November 2014

A University of Canterbury researcher has received $345,000 in Marsden funding to investigate the primary deficit in stuttering.

Rebuilding tornado-ravaged home town

05 November 2014

A UC international student used her Christchurch experiences to help support her home town of Washington, Illinois.

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04 November 2014

Two University of Canterbury experts have received $849,000 of Marsden funding over three years to develop better wearable computer systems.

UC to celebrate 100 years at Cass field station

03 November 2014

UC will soon celebrate 100 years of teaching and research at the Cass field station, which has been immortalised in the painting by famous New Zealand artist Rita Angus.

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31 October 2014

More than 10 national and international experts will deliver key addresses to the second New Zealand Tertiary Community Engagement Summit to be held at UC next month.

Students making the most of health and recreation

30 October 2014

Most UC students are making the most of opportunities to connect with campus life, through involvement in clubs and the use of health and recreation facilities.

Australasian Young Rail Engineer of the Year

29 October 2014

University of Canterbury engineering graduate Esther Warren has been named the Australasian Young Rail Engineer of the Year.