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24 November 2014

A UC postgraduate master of engineering management student has received an internship with one of the biggest information and communications technology companies in the world.

New Zealand first neat places app launched

24 November 2014

A UC graduate student has produced a nationwide app showing the best cafes, bars, restaurants, shops and events in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Petrol business owners docking workers wages

24 November 2014

A UC business and economics associate professor isn't surprised petrol business owners would make their staff pay for loss of income with customers not paying their petrol.

Auckland housing market bursting-bubble

24 November 2014

House prices in Auckland which have risen 34 percent since 2011 will be sustainable for as long as there is the demand and the means for buyers to continue purchasing.

New light shed on Christchurch's Victoria Square

24 November 2014

Unravelling the rich history of one of Christchurch's iconic precincts is the focus of the latest book from Canterbury University Press (CUP).

Refuelling device for disabled drivers studied

24 November 2014

A UC postgraduate student is helping a community-based organisation conduct research into the feasibility of an automated refuelling device for mobility-impaired drivers.

Better everyday systems should be a priority

21 November 2014

UC's Student Volunteer Army Foundation co-founder Jason Pemberton says experiencing the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes helped volunteers learn about dysfunctional everyday systems.

Quake response inquiry not achieved

20 November 2014

Lessons still need to be learned from the search and rescue efforts following the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, a leading New Zealand lawyer says.

Foothills revisited in new book

19 November 2014

A new, updated edition of a popular Canterbury walking and tramping guide has been published this month by Canterbury University Press (CUP).

Marketing expert to receive Teaching Medal

19 November 2014

Marketing expert Associate Professor Paul Ballantine will this week receive the University of Canterbury's Teaching Medal.