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Engineering precinct redevelopment contract signed

03 December 2014

UC today signed a substantial contract with Hawkins Construction for the first major redevelopment of the campus's engineering precinct in more than 40 years.

Grumpy nor'west winds

02 December 2014

Many Canterbury people believe the nor'west winds that blow strong in spring and summer makes them feel grumpy, a University of Canterbury academic says.

Animal welfare lessons from quakes in new book

01 December 2014

A new book that explores the impact of the Christchurch earthquakes on animals, and the lessons we can learn in animal welfare from the natural disaster, has been published.

Clean teeth if prompted by text messages

01 December 2014

Young unemployed people are more likely to clean their teeth more often if they are prompted with text messages, a University of Canterbury health research study has found.

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01 December 2014

University of Canterbury students Nick Brunsdon and Jayden MacRae are the winners of the inaugural New Zealand student spatial excellence awards.

Cost of tax compliance higher than expected

01 December 2014

A University of Canterbury tax professor says the overall costs of compliance for small to medium businesses is higher than the most recent published study.

UC scientist wins major American geological award

28 November 2014

UC geologist Associate Professor Mark Quigley is the first scientist outside North America to win the Geological Society of America's annual Public Service award.

UC academic Young NZ Engineer of the Year finalist

27 November 2014

A UC engineer, who has tested and researched the impact of earthquakes, is a finalist in the Young New Zealand Engineer of the Year Awards tomorrow night.

Organisation above-average in resilience

26 November 2014

A major investigation has found the Bay of Plenty's critical infrastructure organisations are of above-average resilience.

UC researcher wins major national ecology award

26 November 2014

A University of Canterbury researcher has won a major national ecology award for his research into how communities of interacting species respond to environmental changes.