News archive 2014

Last chance to manage continental invasion

14 January 2014

Antarctica was protected from human contact until about a century ago but the threat of biological invasions continues to grow, visiting UK researcher to UC says.

New Zealand emissions trading scheme is failing

14 January 2014

New Zealand's initial attempt to mitigate the problem of climate change is on its last legs, a University of Canterbury (UC) forestry expert says.

Impacts of increased cultural diversity

13 January 2014

A University of Canterbury researcher is looking into the positive impacts of increased cultural diversity through immigration in New Zealand and around the world.

 Surge in student applications to enrol

09 January 2014

The University of Canterbury is increasingly confident that student numbers will climb for the first time since the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Research could revolutionise NZ forest industry

08 January 2014

University of Canterbury research could revolutionise New Zealand's forest industry by treating radiata pine as an agricultural crop and screening for strength and stability a

Engineers play vital role in rebuild

07 January 2014

Engineers are playing a vital role in the Christchurch rebuild from assisting safe building design to assistance in aerial mapping, providing ICT solutions and working with in

Inequality keeps rising, says UC expert

06 January 2014

Inequality continues to rise in New Zealand and many families will struggle to cope over the holidays, a University of Canterbury social research expert says.

UC research cutting-edge human-robot interaction

06 January 2014

University of Canterbury researchers will continue experimenting over summer to find exciting new functions for their first life-sized humanoid robot whose components.

Review of airline discrimination needed

06 January 2014

The festive season is busier than ever for New Zealand airlines and a University of Canterbury gender equality expert says the airline industry should take a much more

Competition problems in construction industry

06 January 2014

A University of Canterbury postgraduate student has found a causal link exists between competitive procurement and performance in the New Zealand construction industry.