News archive 2014

UC helping to mitigate risk for historic buildings

07 February 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) researcher is part of a world-wide research group investigating the seismic vulnerability of New Zealand's historic churches and buildings.

UC students helping the public reach for the stars

05 February 2014

There is more than meets the eye in the night sky and two University of Canterbury (UC) physics and mathematics students are showing this to the public.

UC student accommodation to be included in plan

04 February 2014

A proposed 250-bed student accommodation on the corner of Solway and Parkstone Avenues will not proceed in time for the 2015 academic year.

UC researchers look into how the brain remembers

03 February 2014

University of Canterbury (UC) research has shown that search and rescue workers could suffer cognitive overload if their rescue involves high risk climbing.

PhD student spends a year researching school

31 January 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) PhD student has spent a year researching in a New Zealand high school and has found inclusion more meaningful and sustainable schools.

Latest nutrients research trial may open new doors

30 January 2014

Nutrients are significantly better than placebo in the treatment of ADHD in adults in a rigorously controlled trial, a University of Canterbury research project has found.

UC student to deliver meals to students

29 January 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) student will next month launch a business delivering meals to students.

Bandidos gang expansion a significant development

28 January 2014

The Bandidos bikie gang expansion into Christchurch is a very significant development, a leading New Zealand gang researcher says.

UC students helping construction companies

27 January 2014

An entrepreneurial University of Canterbury (UC) student team has created a health and safety mobile phone system to help construction companies.

Teaching job skills to those with Down syndrome

24 January 2014

A University of Canterbury (UC) study is using video modelling and video self-modelling to help teach job skills to prospective employees with Down syndrome.