News archive 2014

UC champions the needs of international students

28 April 2014

A University of Canterbury study, prompted by a high abortion rate among young Asian women, has revealed an alarming lack of sexual reproductive health knowledge among Asian b

Study finds new treatment for cocaine addiction

28 April 2014

Scientists of the University of Canterbury have discovered that by chemically activating a receptor in the brain they can eliminate cravings for cocaine.

Researcher returns to investigate swallowing

28 April 2014

A researcher who is highly trained in dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties, has returned from Baltimore to the UC to continue her laboratory investigations.

Non-native species not always the bad guys

17 April 2014

University of Canterbury researchers are investigating some positive features of animals being introduced to New Zealand.

Entrepreneur to receive honorary doctorate

16 April 2014

One of New Zealand's most passionate political, philanthropic business entrepreneurs will receive a University of Canterbury honorary doctorate at graduation tomorrow.

UC research aims to develop safer steel structures

15 April 2014

UC postgraduate civil and natural resources engineering researchers are developing new methods to improve the performance of steel structures in earthquakes.

People with disabilities most affected by disaster

14 April 2014

A University of Canterbury expert says people with disabilities are among the most adversely affected during conflict situations or when natural disasters strike.

Christchurch's sizzle-seller to receive hon doc

11 April 2014

One of Christchurch's most passionate business people leading the city's rebuild will receive an honorary doctorate at next weeks University of Canterbury graduation.

Oscar-winning filmmaker receives honorary degree

09 April 2014

His film won an Academy award, he is good friends with actors such as Robin Williams, and next week Vincent Ward becomes an honorary doctor of the University of Canterbury.

Discovery channel filming giant catapult in action

09 April 2014

One of the biggest documentary television channels in the world, Discovery, will be filming a University of Canterbury giant catapult volcanic research project later today.