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Acclaimed flautist Miho Wada planning tours

05 May 2014

A University of Canterbury music graduate and one of New Zealand's most acclaimed flautists Miho Wada will undertake several major tours with her small jazz orchestra.

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05 May 2014

A University of Canterbury student who graduated last month has designed a new web app which will enable people with ongoing health difficulties to explore their identity.

Public law book touches aspects of people's lives

02 May 2014

Constitutional and administrative law or public law touches every aspect of people's lives.

UC graduate appears on the Today Show

01 May 2014

A UC bioengineering graduate has appeared on NBC News' Today Show in the US as one of a number of PhD students from around the world to feature in a modelling campaign.

Public lecture on importance of IT service desk

30 April 2014

A visiting American academic to the University of Canterbury will give a public lecture next month to help organisations perfect their IT service desk for the public good.

UC music student back from New York

29 April 2014

One of New Zealand's most talented young musicians and University of Canterbury honours graduate student will return home next month to give a series of performances.

Top US university author to feature UC expert

28 April 2014

A professor from the world's number one rated university will have her book published next year featuring University of Canterbury physics expert Professor Roy Kerr.

Researcher returns to investigate swallowing

28 April 2014

A researcher who is highly trained in dysphagia, or swallowing difficulties, has returned from Baltimore to the UC to continue her laboratory investigations.

UC champions the needs of international students

28 April 2014

A University of Canterbury study, prompted by a high abortion rate among young Asian women, has revealed an alarming lack of sexual reproductive health knowledge among Asian b

Study finds new treatment for cocaine addiction

28 April 2014

Scientists of the University of Canterbury have discovered that by chemically activating a receptor in the brain they can eliminate cravings for cocaine.