News archive 2014

Fine arts graduates get travelling scholarships

13 May 2014

Six highly talented University of Canterbury fine arts graduates are stepping out, with considerable potential and already some success, onto the national and international.

Research to create cost reducing medical devices

12 May 2014

A leading University of Canterbury researcher has received funding to unearth new medical devices and systems that can be used at hospital intensive care bedsides and exported

Lifestyle changes will reduce breast cancer risk

12 May 2014

Promoting lifestyle changes to reduce obesity, promote regular physical activity, reduce hormone replacement therapy use and avoid high alcohol intake are the most important.

Academic helps design quake-resistant bridges

12 May 2014

A University of Canterbury bridge engineer will join one of New Zealand's leading consultancy companies Opus to help in their new technology bridge building projects.

Glacier tourism potentially under threat

09 May 2014

Glacier tourism, a multimillion-dollar industry in New Zealand, is potentially under threat by ongoing glacial retreat, a University of Canterbury researcher says.

Historian to explain Hollywood's film industry

08 May 2014

A leading UC academic historian, who is an expert in the American movie industry, will give a public lecture next week looking at whether Hollywood got history right.

Students to benefit from academic consortium

07 May 2014

UC students will directly benefit by the university being the first in New Zealand to be admitted to the prestigious international AC21 Academic Consortium.

Research to help teachers support gifted students

07 May 2014

A University of Canterbury education researcher says the findings in her thesis project should help teachers and schools better support gifted students.

Logo colour research may provide warning systems

06 May 2014

The colour purple in logos has caused issues which a tool developed from University of Canterbury research may solve.

Study aims to improve health of Pacfic people

05 May 2014

A University of Canterbury student wants to contribute to the improvement of Pacific health through his own experiences with physical and mental health difficulties.