News archive 2014

Canterbury researcher producing hip replacement

08 July 2014

A University of Canterbury mechanical engineering researcher is working on a sound device to listen to the performance of hip and joint replacements.

Access to New Zealand courts not free yet

08 July 2014

New Zealander can be forgiven in thinking that only the rich willingly go to court, University of Canterbury's Dean of Law Associate Professor Chris Gallavin says.

University students installing solar power

08 July 2014

The efforts of University of Canterbury students to install solar energy power for people around New Zealand, in the Pacific and in Nepal will be highlighted this month.

Research on the impact of brain injury on adults

03 July 2014

A University of Canterbury research project is seeking to find out the impact of traumatic brain injury on adults aged 50 to 65.

UC academic receives top teaching award

03 July 2014

Professor Charles Fleischmann (Civil and Natural Resources Engineering) has been recognised as one of New Zealand's top tertiary teachers.

Canterbury spin out company wins an Auggie

02 July 2014

A University of Canterbury spin out company Puteko has won an Auggie, an international augmented reality award, for its app that turns colouring books into 3D.

Researchers to present psychological quake finding

30 June 2014

University of Canterbury researchers who for three years have been investigating the psychological effects of people who survived the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes will present their findings to the 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology in Paris next month.

New home for supercomputer team

30 June 2014

University of Canterbury's distinctive Butterfly Building has been remediated and will be officially reopened later this week by Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams.

Survey shows fluoridation preferred

30 June 2014

Christchurch four year-olds have on average 95 percent more decay in their baby teeth than children from Wellington of the same age, a University of Canterbury health sciences postgraduate researcher has found.

Canterbury researchers providing earthquake advice

27 June 2014

A group of University of Canterbury natural hazard researchers will provide suggestions to strengthening Nepal's resilience in the face of major earthquakes at an international symposium in Singapore this weekend.