News archive 2013

National Lifeline Week at UC in December

10 October 2013

University of Canterbury (UC) is becoming a national strategic hub for applied research targeting resilience enhancement for lifeline infrastructures.

Seeking the link between a virus and breast cancer

10 October 2013

A University of Canterbury (UC) led research team is studying to see if there is a strong link between breast cancer and a virus.

UC considering showcasing annual bridge building

09 October 2013

The University of Canterbury (UC) is considering moving its annual bridge building competition into the central city in future.

Astronaut debunks myths about space travel

09 October 2013

Recently retired US astronaut debunked two myths about space travel while visiting the University of Canterbury (UC) yesterday.

Connecting Christchurch to the sea project

08 October 2013

Connecting Christchurch to the sea project is a potential attraction for residents and tourists, a University of Canterbury (UC) community expert says.

UC astronomy to view the sun through telescope

07 October 2013

University of Canterbury (UC) astronomy experts will give the public an opportunity to view the sun using solar telescopes during the first New Zealand Starlight Festival.

Postgraduate waterways conference at UC next month

07 October 2013

Dr Melissa Robson, a senior scientist at AgResearch and Environment Canterbury, is the keynote speaker at a waterways conference on the University of Canterbury (UC).

UC chemistry student receives fellowship

07 October 2013

A University of Canterbury (UC) PhD chemistry student has received a Claude McCarthy Fellowship to attend the 25th Austin Symposium on molecular structure and dynamics.

UC bridge building pivotal for students

07 October 2013

Today's bridge building competition at the University of Canterbury (UC) is important for students and for engineering businesses, a postgraduate engineering student says.

Book sheds light on life of NZ social activist

04 October 2013

The development of race relations and biculturalism in New Zealand is explored in a new biography published by Canterbury University Press this month.