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Using green materials for early disease detection

31 January 2013

A University of Canterbury scientist is using discarded hoki fish eyes to help early detection of diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Do catches win matches? Not in one-day games

30 January 2013

It is a famous cliche in cricket that catches win matches. But in one day international cricket at least, fielding is much less important than batting or bowling.

Organisations can improve as recovery grows

30 January 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher is looking at how organisations can improve their response and recovery in disasters and provide local businesses with best practice.

Researcher concerned at declining number of bees

29 January 2013

A University of Canterbury scientist is concerned that declining bee numbers could impact on New Zealand's economy.

East side stories: a survey of two suburbs

29 January 2013

A University of Canterbury researcher has found differences and similarities between the hard-hit east side Christchurch suburbs of Aranui and Sumner.

Research into post-quake anxiety in children

28 January 2013

Anxiety still exists among Christchurch children, two years on since the earthquakes, according to a University of Canterbury researcher.

Greater need to encourage more walking and cycling

28 January 2013

The return of traffic chaos around NZ schools this week highlights the importance of plans to encourage more walking, cycling and public transport use says a UC expert.

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28 January 2013

UC's Professor Mark Billinghurst has been selected to receive the 2013 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Virtual Reality Technical Achievement award.

Royal Society membership for UC arts students

25 January 2013

Eighteen University of Canterbury arts undergraduate students have become the first group of arts students in New Zealand to join the New Zealand Royal Society.

UC research shows fish will cope in warmer waters

25 January 2013

University of Canterbury researchers have found that southern fish can cope with warmer waters, giving some hope for the future of the Antarctic environment.