News archive 2013

Top students uncomfortable being called "gifted"

19 February 2013

A University of Canterbury study of top students has found many of them were not comfortable being identified as gifted and talented.

Project to help Antarctic seals and penguins

18 February 2013

The University of Canterbury is launching a new research project to help seals and penguins in the Antarctic.

School closures and mergers stressful

18 February 2013

The closure of seven Christchurch schools and merging of 12 others will be stressful and will place new demands on people.

UC survey of up to 3000 children underway

18 February 2013

A University of Canterbury survey of up to 3000 children will help provide the first comprehensive study on early language development in New Zealand.

School closures an after-shock

18 February 2013

Just four days short of the second anniversary of the February 22 earthquake, Christchurch principals, teachers, students and parents are facing emotional pressure.

UC team leading bridge testing in ChCh

15 February 2013

Engineering students are working on new solutions to help improve the seismic performance of ChCh's damaged bridge columns and accelerate the recovery of the city's bridges.

Children need to talk more to each other

13 February 2013

The days of children being seen and not heard should be over, a University of Canterbury postgraduate education researcher said.

Greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme

12 February 2013

New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme (ETS) is more or less dead, according to a University of Canterbury forestry professor.

UC graduate to release book on New Zealand gangs

12 February 2013

A former University of Canterbury postgraduate student will, later next month, release a book about the history of New Zealand gangs.

Help needed to reduce harmful drinking

11 February 2013

A University of Canterbury health expert says New Zealand needs to reduce the prevalence of Pacific island children exposed to parental drinking.