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$20 tax for ChCh cycleways - who benefits?

28 February 2013

University of Canterbury transport expert Professor Simon Kingham says while the debate on cycleways for Christchurch is looking at who pays, he questions who will benefit.

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27 February 2013

Young children with autism, who do not speak, are able to communicate using tablet computers, a groundbreaking University of Canterbury study has discovered.

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27 February 2013

A UC law researcher is looking into the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act and how it is being implemented in light of existing legislation and plans for disaster recovery.

Study finds Sydney water infrastructure resilient

27 February 2013

A UC study into Sydney's water utility has found the city has a resilient water infrastructure that will provide a robust level of water security in a major disaster.

Drop in property crimes linked to benefit fraud

26 February 2013

The recently reported record rises in fraudulent crime for 2011-2012 can be partially linked to falls in other forms of property offending which have been apparent.

Christchurch is the engine room of NZ

26 February 2013

An increasingly vibrant ChCh has become the engine room of New Zealand as the recovery and rebuild steps up, University of Canterbury natural hazards expert Dr Tom Wilson.

UC CEISMIC brings ChCh archaeology to millions

26 February 2013

On the second anniversary of the February 22 earthquake, National Geographic has today published a story about Christchurch archaeology on the front page of its website.

Christchurch single-sex schools should remain

26 February 2013

Christchurch single-sex state schools should never be threatened in future, a University of Canterbury survey into schools has found.

NZ designed structural systems help in rebuild

20 February 2013

Two University of Canterbury structural engineers believe there is an opportunity for the Christchurch rebuild to raise the bar and lift the minimum acceptable.

NZ teachers need to improve spelling instruction

19 February 2013

New Zealand teachers are not using their understanding of how to teach spelling into practice in the classroom, a University of Canterbury research project has found.