News archive 2013

 Fire safety research into large timber buildings

24 April 2013

New Zealand has vast reserves of renewable forests and much of this timber is used in the residential construction of new housing.

Farmers must be responsible for conservation

23 April 2013

A University of Canterbury conservation biology expert says New Zealand farmers should be responsible for looking after native bush on their land.

Awful tasting cod liver oil did do some good

23 April 2013

Until the introduction of synthetic vitamins in the 1960s, the nauseating cod liver oil had been used in New Zealand since the earliest days of settlement to ward off or cure

Youths with brain injury may later offend

22 April 2013

Young people who suffer traumatic brain injury can have behavior problems and a University of Canterbury adjunct professor is investigating whether there is evidence of increa

What if NZ had not fought in WWI?

22 April 2013

With Anzac Day approaching a University of Canterbury historian is asking what would have happened if New Zealand had not fought in World War 1.

Hospital network adapted promptly to quakes

22 April 2013

The Christchurch hospital network adapted promptly post-earthquake to maximise the efficiency of the damaged hospital capacity, University of Canterbury research has found.

UC student attends Nobel Laureate event in Germany

19 April 2013

University of Canterbury PhD chemistry student Sandra Atkinson has achieved a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting to be hel

Research with Fonterra to improve dairy products

19 April 2013

Consumers worldwide are looking increasingly at healthy food to improve their well-being that is delivered in a convenient format.

UC research into green planted-roofs

19 April 2013

The University of Canterbury is investigating the benefits of green planted-roofs for the New Zealand built-environment.

Veteran astronaut to attend starlight festival

17 April 2013

An astronaut who has travelled almost 27 million miles in space and has orbited the earth 990 times will be the key speaker at the first New Zealand starlight festival in Teka