News archive 2013

Possibility of extended residence in UK for Kiwis

23 September 2013

London Mayor Boris Johnson's recent comments about a potential bilateral labour-mobility zone between New Zealand and Britain have raised intriguing possibilties.

Student Volunteer Army co-founder recognised

23 September 2013

University of Canterbury (UC) Student Volunteer Army Foundation general manager Jason Pemberton has been recognised for his selfless volunteer work.

UC student undertakes ground-breaking research

20 September 2013

An award-winning University of Canterbury (UC) PhD student is undertaking ground-breaking national research by interviewing young New Zealanders.

Rise in sea level from polar melt a serious issue

19 September 2013

The likely sea level rise from melting polar ice needs to be seriously considered in the rebuild of Christchurch, a University of Canterbury (UC) expert says.

New techniques to speed up bridge repairs

19 September 2013

New bridge construction techniques tested by UC experts could improve the performance of bridges during earthquakes while speeding up the construction and repair process.

Research into what matters for hospice patients

19 September 2013

The views of hospice patients and their families are in danger of being lost, a University of Canterbury (UC) postgraduate student researcher says.

Many quake survivors avoided PTSD

18 September 2013

A UK expert visiting the University of Canterbury (UC) says she is struck by so many people who have been through the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch.

World Bank to look at Christchurch's recovery

17 September 2013

As part of a World Bank project, international experts on disaster risk reduction and recovery planning will link up with University of Canterbury (UC) this week.

Visiting expert pleads for light rail

16 September 2013

A global expert on world urban rail systems has made a plea for Christchurch's rebuild planners to include light rail for the future benefit of the city in recovery.

Expert wary of adding additives to food, wine

16 September 2013

A leading New Zealand toxicologist is in two minds about applying medicinal additives to food or wine.