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UC researching happiness, pleasure and engagement

12 November 2012

Sex or making love and drinking alcohol or partying are two of the most enjoyable activities, according to a University of Canterbury research project.

UC research into reducing fire risks in high-rises

09 November 2012

A University of Canterbury researcher is looking into how high-rise buildings can cope best if a fire breaks out.

ChCh's music scene can be something special

09 November 2012

The way is open for Christchurch to create something special for its music scene, a University of Canterbury researcher said today.

UC NEWS logo

07 November 2012

The University of Canterbury is setting up New Zealand's first Student Innovation Centre for smart young entrepreneurs next year.

Endangered albatrosses compete with fisheries

07 November 2012

Endangered albatrosses which nest in New Zealand are under increasing threat as they compete for the same food in the same waters as major commercial fisheries.

UC robots dance Gangnam Style!

07 November 2012

The University of Canterbury's HIT Lab NZ is making robots dance - Gangnam Style!

What the future holds for Christchurch

06 November 2012

Post-earthquake Christchurch is now an extremely dynamic place to live and work, University of Canterbury's Dr Tom Wilson has told a conference in London.

Research looks for cure for cardiovascular disease

06 November 2012

A UC student is researching key cell biology processes that may be useful in curing or slowing down the development of many diseases such as strokes and heart attacks.

UC fine arts student helping in the rebuild

05 November 2012

University of Canterbury fine arts student Rachael Dewhirst will be part of the Christchurch rebuild over the summer.

What if you could get fit in half the time?

05 November 2012

A University of Canterbury study has found that high intensity interval training could provide a time-saving alternative to traditional slower endurance exercise.