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UC using maths to predict cancer cell behaviour

04 December 2012

The behaviour of cancer cells can be understood by the use of quite sophisticated mathematics. This approach is helping scientists understand the progression of cancer.

UC research explores the science of beer brewing

30 November 2012

A UC researcher will spend her summer months exploring the science behind brewing to meet the needs of the booming craft beer market.

ChCh city transport plan misses opportunities

29 November 2012

The Accessible City draft transport plan for the new Christchurch appears to include inconsistencies and misses opportunities, says a UC transport expert.

UC NEWS logo

29 November 2012

The University of Canterbury Council has elected its Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor for 2013.

Students to monitor human impact on the Antarctic

29 November 2012

The summer tourist season is under way in the Antarctic and thousands of tourists are expected to visit the frozen continent over the coming months.

UC computing research into heart disease

28 November 2012

The University of Canterbury is using its own powerful computer, Foster, one of the biggest in the southern hemisphere, to look at the prediction of heart disease progression.

Interns playing crucial roles growing Airways NZ

28 November 2012

Two University of Canterbury interns are playing small but crucial roles in helping grow Airways New Zealand globally.

US finance expert giving lecture on govt debt

27 November 2012

Governments are not that special. They have to pay debts like the rest of us, a United States economics expert, who next week will be giving a public lecture at the University

Music and geography $2.2million scholarship boost

27 November 2012

Music and geography at the University of Canterbury (UC) have received a $2.2million scholarship boost with a bequest from Judith Pownall.

Researchers calculate the cost of smoking

27 November 2012

With the price of cigarettes due to rise again on New Year's Day, University of Canterbury researchers are interviewing scores of smokers about the cost of their smoking.