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UC graduate to organise national quake drill

12 September 2012

Former University of Canterbury graduate Anita Komen is co-coordinating New Zealand ShakeOut, an earthquake preparedness campaign culminating in a national earthquake drill.

UC in top three percent of leading universities

11 September 2012

Despite two natural disasters in the past two years in Christchurch, UC has maintained its ranking among the top three per cent of the world's universities.

UC research to help grow NZ's wine industry

11 September 2012

A $500,000 international research project into climate and vineyards, led by UC, is expected to result in an increase of up to 10 per cent in income for NZ's wine industry.

Poor decision to close special residential schools

10 September 2012

A University of Canterbury professor believes the decision to close two residential special schools in New Zealand is the wrong option.

Ozone hole healing but more impact on Antarctica

10 September 2012

The ozone hole affecting the Antarctic and New Zealand is slowly healing due to the reduction of ozone destroying chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) substances.

Study into gender pay gap of local authority CEOs

06 September 2012

A University of Canterbury researcher will spend this summer looking at the gender pay gap among local authority chief executives.

UC experts to talk about ChCh quakes in London

05 September 2012

Two UC experts, Dr Tom Wilson and Chris Hawker, will deliver their views on the Christchurch earthquakes during an international conference in London in November.

Bright future for tertiary destination in ChCh

05 September 2012

University of Canterbury Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr today said the future looked bright for tertiary education in Christchurch in the post-earthquake era.

Research aims to identify Parkinson's decline

05 September 2012

A University of Canterbury brain research project is believed to be the first in the world using advanced technique to identify declining Parkinson's disease.

Potential rise in sea level a serious threat

05 September 2012

UC academic Professor Bryan Storey is worried that not enough notice is being taken of the potential threat of rising sea levels in the rebuild of Christchurch.