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Special school closures not supported by research

24 September 2012

Research evidence does not support the proposed closure of two of NZ's residential schools for children with severe behavioural difficulties, says UC's Professor Garry Hornby.

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21 September 2012

A University of Canterbury (UC) seminar on food safety next week will be focusing on food poisoning and chemical hazards in food.

US educator to speak about charter schools

20 September 2012

A touring American education advocate will deliver a public lecture at the University of Canterbury on Wednesday September 26 to discuss charter schools in New Zealand

Human footprint poses risk to frozen continent

20 September 2012

A University of Canterbury lecturer is concerned about the potential increase of high-risk tourism activities in the Antarctic and a lack of regulation to address their impact

Ross Sea needs to be policed

20 September 2012

Antarctic Treaty countries need to stop illegal and unregulated fishing in the Ross Sea says University of Canterbury's Professor Bryan Storey.

Dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice

20 September 2012

The Arctic has suffered a staggering loss in sea ice, in stark contrast to the Antarctic, a says University of Canterbury lecturer.

UC honours and assists Tongan science students

19 September 2012

University of Canterbury has honoured leading Tongan science students who excelled in their national high school science competition.

Two UC teams in Australasian robot competition

19 September 2012

New Zealand will be represented by two University of Canterbury teams at the Australasian autonomous robot search and rescue competition in Melbourne on Friday.

Antarctica may need greater protection

19 September 2012

The near pristine environment of Antarctica will, in time, come under threat as the world's oil supplies dwindle, says a University of Canterbury expert.

UC breakthrough in treating export logs

19 September 2012

University of Canterbury researchers have made a breakthrough in treating export logs by heating them using high voltage electricity.