UC Connect Resiliance

03 September 2020

A decade after the September 2010 earthquake, University of Canterbury (UC) Engineering technology is being used to quake-proof buildings, build the “Ferrari of bridges”, and predict the future in order to save lives in these shaky isles and around the world.


01 September 2020

Moves to see the University of Canterbury (UC) deliver the most advanced, smart cities focused MBA programme are under way as the University becomes the first university globally to sign as a Research and Knowledge Partner with the Smart Cities Council.


31 August 2020

Scholarships enabling aspiring young students from Timaru Boys’ High School to pursue tertiary studies at the University of Canterbury have been made possible through the generosity of Philippa, Lady Tait.

Engineering Tongan water challenge

31 August 2020

A remote village in Tonga needs clean drinking water but there is limited electricity to run a processing plant – can you design a solution?

Greenland Ice sheet

31 August 2020

British academics have found that trillions of tonnes of ice have disappeared from Earth since 1994. Radio New Zealand’s Karyn Hay caught up with the Head of UC’s School of Earth and Environment, Professor Jamie Shulmeister to discuss.

UC Science Summer Camp 2020

31 August 2020

The University of Canterbury’s Summer Science Camp puts the world of science at your fingertips.

UC Campus

28 August 2020

In article on The Conversation, University of Canterbury (UC) Associate Professor Cheryl Brown discusses student needs for lockdown learning.

Covid test

28 August 2020

University of Canterbury (UC) academics, Professor Michael Plank and Associate Professor Alex James, collaborate with academics from the University of Auckland (UoA) in an article for The Conversation to provide their expert insight into the positive impact Auckland's lockdown will have on eliminating Covid-19 in New Zealand - again.

Aaron Marshall

27 August 2020

Two University of Canterbury innovations are among the 12 finalists selected for the eighth annual KiwiNet Research Commercialisation Awards, designed to celebrate impact from science through successful research commercialisation within New Zealand’s universities, Crown research institutes and other research organisations.

UC College of Engineering, Volker Nock, Rebecca Soffe

26 August 2020

Studying how tiny amounts of liquid move through precisely engineered soft plastic chips is an exciting new field for scientists, particularly when applied to molecular and cell biology. In a science-meets-art twist, University of Canterbury researchers are now also unlocking the aesthetic potential of microfluidics, turning petite research aides into micro masterpieces.

Elsamari Botha

26 August 2020

In an article on Brainstorm Magazine, Dr Elsamari Botha explores who holds the power in online shopping, what happens when consumer expectations aren’t met and what businesses should be focusing on in the COVID-19 consumer landscape.

Barry Cleavin artwork

25 August 2020

The University of Canterbury’s (UC) School of Fine Arts (SoFA) welcomed back printmaking artist Barry Cleavin with an exhibition in the Ilam Campus Gallery and an artist talk. UC students, staff and members of the local arts community heard anecdotes about Cleavin’s practice and life experience, from developing his skills in the SoFA from 1963 to 1966 to his life as a practising artist.


25 August 2020

Detailed memories of the Canterbury earthquakes, captured in video interviews of some 750 Canterbury residents, are safely preserved in the University of Canterbury (UC)’s QuakeBox archive and publicly available.

Cara Swit

24 August 2020

Some parents are not coping with their young children’s challenging behaviour, and even experienced teachers are struggling, according to Dr Cara Swit from the University of Canterbury’s (UC) School of Health Sciences.

Mask wearers

24 August 2020

In a recent article for Stuff.co.nz, Dr Andrew Vonasch of UC’s School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing discussed the social norms some kiwis may require to feel comfortable wearing a mask when they were out and about in our communities.

Gail Gillon

20 August 2020

A new research project involving nearly 600 pre-schoolers from Canterbury and Central Otago is aiming to improve Kiwi kids’ early literacy development.

Diverse view of science

19 August 2020

An international team of academics, including Associate Professor Sarah Masters of UC’s School of Physical and Chemical Sciences, have collaborated on an excellent new paper from Nature Chemistry, ‘A diverse view of science to catalyse change’.

UC graduate Java Katzur

18 August 2020

UC socialogy and anthropology graduate Java Katzur talked to Stuff about the vibrant community she created when she introduced Yo, Vocal in 2019 - a print magazine for young people.

Dr Sunghul Jung

17 August 2020

A tragedy in Dr Sungchul Jung’s homeland of South Korea has inspired a project seeking to leverage virtual reality (VR) technology to help doctors more effectively treat patients.

Gail Gillon

17 August 2020

Professor Gail Gillon and her team have received funding to trial an innovative new assessment tool after finding that 61.5% of children starting school in some areas of Canterbury have poor oral language skills.

Kay-Lee Jones Ako Aotearoa award winner

13 August 2020

Kay-Lee Jones has helped nurture a love for te ao Māori in over 2000 student teachers in the University of Canterbury’s (UC) School of Teacher Education.

Mathematical modelling

13 August 2020

Health workers and contact tracers are out on the front lines, but in the backrooms teams of mathematicians are running scenarios to figure out exactly what needs to be done, and how bad things could get.

UC business

13 August 2020

Lesson‐Drawing from New Zealand and Covid‐19: The Need for Anticipatory Policy Making

Aaron Kong

13 August 2020

Drawing on influences as diverse as K-Pop, Orientalism and queer politics, University of Canterbury (UC) Fine Arts student Aaron Kong wowed judges to win the 2020 Iris Fisher scholarship.

Antarctica Crabeater seal

13 August 2020

A New Zealand-led international study of the crabeater seal population in Antarctica aims to understand environmental impacts on one of the southern-most mammals in the world.

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