Covid 19 young people vaccinated

05 July 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, UC's Associate Professor Bernard Walker says the government may have to intervene if the Canterbury vaccination programme continues to fall behind.

Queen's Birthday Honours

04 June 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, UC History Professor Katie Pickles writes that in an age of individualism and celebrity, these regular rewards for service to community and nation are generally seen as a welcome tonic and well worth toasting.

Stephen Hickson

04 June 2021

Stephen Hickson is the Director of the Business Taught Masters programme and teaches Economics at the University of Canterbury.

Whakaari White Island

03 June 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, UC's Dr David Dempsey and UoA's Professor Shane Cronin explain that forecasting different levels of eruption risk requires advances in our basic science, as well as automated systems that can judge risk and raise concerns. Even with this, the way we measure and interpret this natural system means it will never be completely safe.

Emperor Penguins

20 May 2021

The 2021 Budget held some great news for Antarctic scientists and researchers at the University of Canterbury, with $344 million committed to rebuilding Scott Base in Antarctica.


19 May 2021

University of Canterbury mathematical modeller Professor Michael Plank looks at what the Government’s upcoming Budget announcement may mean for future pandemic response.

Stephen Hickson

17 May 2021

University of Canterbury Economist Stephen Hickson delves into the Budget and government spending decisions. It's budget time and the usual scramble for a share of the pie is going on. In these somewhat unusual times, it is still important to make sure that the Government spends the money it takes in taxes as well as it can.

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12 May 2021

The commercialisation of elite sport – including the sale, relocation and branding of professional sport clubs – is nothing new. The commercialisation of professional sport has driven huge changes in sports teams from being responsible to the public and local community and seen as a public good, to being responsible to the owners and shareholders of the commercial entities. This fundamental change sparks debate and controversy.

Travel post Covid-19

10 May 2021

On The Conversation, UC's Professor Michael Plank and UoA's Dr Andrew Chen explain that temporary travel pauses show the challenges of tracking potential Covid-19 outbreaks.

India Covid-19

05 May 2021

UC's Dr Kaaren Mathias writes about the lack of investment in India's public sector, which has led to an unaffordable, failing healthcare system, in a new article on The Conversation.