Challenges to be debated at NZ conference

27 November 2013

It is vital that the public gains an understanding of the challenges and new thinking that are emerging in post-quake ChCh says UC political science expert Dr Jeremy Moses.

Challenges to be debated at NZ conference

In the dynamic political environment of post-quake Christchurch, it is vital that the public gains an understanding of the challenges and new thinking that are emerging in local and national government, a University of Canterbury (UC) political expert says.

The New Zealand Political Studies Association will stage its annual conference at UC from December 2 to 4 and these issues will be discussed, UC’s head of political science Dr Jeremy Moses says.

"The conference is the flagship event for political studies in this country and political science at UC is proud to be hosting it.

"The conference, in bringing together around 160 academics, postgraduates and other stakeholders, from a wide variety of backgrounds, will represent a great opportunity to deeply engage with current issues in local, national and international politics.  

"The large number of participants has exceeded our initial expectations and we believe this demonstrates a growing interest in the political and social life of Christchurch. 

"We look forward to welcoming all participants in the hope that the ideas that are exchanged and the networks that are built will have an ongoing positive impact on our cities, our country and the wider world.

"It has been an exciting time for political science in New Zealand this year with a broad range of remarkable political events to study, including the 120th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the intensification of the Christchurch rebuild, issues surrounding the local government elections, and ongoing debates about the exploitation of resources on land and at sea,’’ Dr Moses says.

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