Awards enable students to aid community

19 December 2012

Empowering students to better their community is a core value of UC's ChCh101 course, something international technology provider, Tribal Group, also puts great value in.

Awards enable students to aid community

Students from the ChCh101 course helping out in the community.

Empowering students to better their community is a core value of UC's ChCh101 course, something international technology provider, Tribal Group, also puts great value in.

The resulting Tribal sponsorship has created a series of awards that aim to give more students the opportunity to make a difference too.

Known as the Tribal Service-Learning and Leadership Awards, the sponsorship will cover the ChCh101 course fees for 40 students during the first semester of 2013.

Chch101: Rebuilding Christchurch - An Introduction to Community Engagement in Tertiary Studies was introduced as a UC course in July 2011. During the various course occurrences more than 300 students have contributed more than 1000 hours to numerous community service projects.

Course coordinator Dr Billy O’Steen said the sponsorship will allow UC students to further aid the community.

“One of the goals Tribal Group has is to make a positive difference in communities, which is a goal of our University too. We see it as an integral part of being a student at UC and, through ChCh101, are encouraging students to engage in helping their local communities. In that way it’s a perfect match for both organisations,” said Dr O’Steen.

To be in with a chance to be one of the 40, students need to submit an idea of how the Tribal students could change a community for the better. The service projects that the recipients will work on during the semester will be selected from the ideas submitted.

“A lot of students have seen the Student Volunteer Army in action, or been involved themselves. They will have seen Gap Filler projects. They also will have seen opportunities to do other things. Those are the ideas that we want to hear about and the best ideas will get the Tribal awards. Better yet, we will put as many of the ideas into action as we can.”

In addition to taking the course for free in the first semester, recipients of the awards will be invited to participate in three events during the semester: Beginning of Semester Reception, Mid-Semester Service-Learning and Leadership Forum, End of Semester Service-Learning and Leadership Symposium and Celebration.

“Within the ChCh101 course we plan to give the Tribal Award group some special experiences. We also want to communicate back to Tribal some of the great work that their sponsorship has enabled; a real illustration of how their money is changing lives. We want Tribal to be proud to be involved in the rebuilding of Canterbury,” said Dr O’Steen.

Those interested in applying for a Tribal Service-Learning and Leadership Award should email in their ideas to Dr Billy O’Steen ( before Friday 18 January 2013. Award winners will be notified by 25 January and will be required to enrol before 1 February.  


For more information please contact:
Dr Billy O'Steen


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