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European and European Union Studies allow you to choose from a multidisciplinary teaching programme that can include a wide range of courses, from Geography and  History to Politics and Law.

In terms of trade, investment, migration, tourism, and cultural and social values, Europe is a dominant partner in our region. The NCRE is New Zealand's leading academic centre of excellence on the EU.

The BA major in European and European Union Studies at the University of Canterbury is the ONLY undergraduate degree that examines the EU from a broad social science perspective and is taught in New Zealand and Australia.

  • Only European Union Studies degree offered in Australasia
  • Multicultural students and staff from over 15 countries
  • Interdisciplinary focus including politics, law, history, economics
  • Open and approachable lecturers
  • Internships with New Zealand and European embassies
  • Exchanges and links with European and Asian universities and research centres
  • Small classes

Students majoring in European and European Union Studies can enrol courses offered by the NCRE and co-coded courses of other departments. The teaching programme is multidisciplinary. Students choose between courses in Economics, Politics, History, Geography and Law that examine the European Union.

Our undergraduate programme is delivered through the Department of European and European Union Studies, in the College of Arts.

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This season we offer six courses over November/December (3 courses) and January/February (3 courses). Most of these courses are taught by European experts coming to UC.

Study contemporary European issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives: either focus on the EU as a whole, or on the individual member states, as well as on the wider Europe (including Russia) or the EU in the Austral-Asia region.

In cooperation with the European Union Network Centre (EUCN) we annually offer course fee scholarships and research awards to postgraduate students.

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