European Union in the Eyes of Taiwanese


Time line

May 1, 2016 – October 31, 2016

Countries in focus


Project description

The main subject of this project is to provide a thorough Media analysis and On-line survey of the perception of the EU and its policies in among Taiwanese public. It would be a continuous effort to enlarge the scope of the project of “The European Union in the Eyes of Asia” which is one of the first comparative trans-national empirical project on how the EU is perceived in Asia. It is also the first academic effort in Taiwan to measure the visibility of the European Union in Taiwan mainstream media, such as United Daily News, Liberty Times, Apple Daily and Economic Daily News. This research project is also one of the key research projects of Jean Monnet Transnational Network 2015-2018, which is hosted by EU Centre in Taiwan (EUTW) and includes EU Centres and institutions of other nine countries.

This project is led by Dr. Hungdah Su, Jean Monnet Chair at National Taiwan University and Director General of EUTW. Marc Cheng, the executive director of EUTW serves as the project administrator, Heather Pai, the deputy executive director of EUTW, takes charge of the financial desk and Avila Keng serves as assistant project administrator. The coding team includes Keng-ti Wen (Manager) and three coders: Min-san Hsien, Yu-chien Xu and Fang Qian from National Taiwan University. On 15-17 May 2016, the EUTW held a three-day workshop where Dr. Martin Holland and Dr. Cher-Yi Lai were invited to coach all the team. The project was formally launched on 1 June 2016.

Project researchers