Civil Society of the Eastern Partnership in Dialogue: Mutual Perceptions of the Eastern Partnership Countries, Russia and the EU


Time line

September 2015-September 2016

Project researchers

  • The project is led by Prof Dr Michele Knodt, TU Darmstadt, Germany.  
  • Associate Professor Natalia Chaban is Chief Consultant of the project
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Project description

After the end of the Cold War Europe was expecting a period of peace within its own borders and in its neighbourhood. Several conflicts and wars inter alia in the South Caucasus however made it soon clear that this had been a misbelief. While these conflicts and wars could still be found to be a regional problem the war between Georgia and Russia led to a different conception in the now enlarged European Union. Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity finally means a return of war to Europe which cannot any longer be ignored. Relations between Ukraine, Russia and the EU have underwent a dramatic development that influence all the relations between countries of the Eastern Partnership, the EU and Russia.

The understanding of mutual perceptions is the basis for communication and cooper. Knowing about the gaps between internal and external perceptions of each other is of special relevance in this context. The general goal of the project is to improve the dialogue and deepen the cooperation between countries of the Eastern Partnership (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine), Russia and the EU by a common analysis of mutual perceptions.

Associate Professor Natalia Chaban is invited to co-lead this project providing her expertise in methodology of perceptions studies.