EU Global Perceptions


The National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) has pioneered research on the EU’s external perceptions. To date, a number of research projects analysing Public, Elite and Media Perceptions have been undertaken in order to identify, measure and raise public awareness and extend knowledge of the European Union within many countries in the world. This website introduces the methodologies and research projects which have been undertaken, publications as well as the key researchers and leaders involved in the projects since 2002.

EU Perceptions

Current research projects

  • C3EU: EU perceptions in Ukraine  and Israel/Palestine (2015-18)
  • Images of the EU in 10 EU Strategic Partners (2015)
  • Normative Power Europe: EU international identity and foreign policy (2014-17)
  • External Images of the EU as a global energy actor (2012-14)
  • After Lisbon: Images of the EU in the Asia-Pacific  (2011-12)
  • The European Union in the Eyes of Asia (2006-11)
  • The EU as a Development Actor Pacific (2006-08)
  • The EU in Asia Pacific Region (2004-05)
  • New Zealand Historical Perceptions of European Integrations (2006-ongoing)
  • The EU’s Outreach and Dialogue with New Zealand (2000-ongoing)
  • NZ European Diaspora (2006-ongoing)
  • Civil Society of the Eastern Partnership in Dialogue (2015)
  • NATO Global Perceptions – Views from Asia Pacific” (2014-16)
  • Asia in the Eyes of the EU (2009-11)
  • EU in the Eyes of Taiwanese

EU Global Perceptions NCRE Team