DIPLO People

The EU Public Diplomacy and Outreach (DIPLO) project is contributed to by NZ and international experts on the EU and diplomacy. Find out more about our people.


Serena Kelly

DIPLO Project Coordinator
Deputy Director, National Centre for Research on Europe
University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Matthew Castle

Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Mathew Doidge

University of Canterbury

Mark Furness

Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik / German Development Institute (Germany)

Maria Garcia

University of Bath (United Kingdom)

Monica Krewel

Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Karl Löfgren

Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Anne McNaughton

Australian National University (Australia)

Ben Wellings

Monash University (Australia)

Richard Whitman

University of Kent (United Kingdom)

Bruce Wilson

RMIT University (Australia)

Administrative Support

Jenny Wilson

Project Manager
Logie 615
Internal Phone: 90871


Verena Wülk

Diplo Intern, 2021

Sareth Kumaresan

DIPLO Intern, 2021-2022

Brittany Baugh

DIPLO Intern, 2022

Hannah Lorenz

Diplo Intern, 2023