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The National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) focuses on research into the European Union from a number of angles, but with special emphasis on the perceptions, identity, development policy and finance in the context of New Zealand in particular and the Asia-Pacific region in general. A number of these threads are explored in the key research projects listed below.

The NCRE has formed key partnerships with a number of research networks and international instutions. Through these networks and institutions there is contestable exchange funding available (see below for more information on how to apply.

Current NCRE projects:



Centre of Excellence in New Zealand

University of Canterbury is the largest EU Information Centre in Australasia and, under this grant, develops synergies between various disciplines and resources in EU studies that are shared across a number of institutions and disciplines.


DevelopEUinNZ (New)

A Jean Monnet Chair awarded to Professor Martin Holland for the next generation of EU studies




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